Edinburgh Psychologist Dr Barbara Douglas

Therapy and Counselling in Edinburgh

What is Therapy?

The practice of therapy is often a meeting between two people where, at the outset, neither may know where the journey will lead.

Sometimes the meeting may be with a couple or a group rather than an individual. In the therapeutic relationship, therapist and client work towards a mutual understanding of the client and their concerns.

In the context of a supportive environment, further exploration of this shared meaning facilitates the development of personal solutions and resources to the discomfort or distress that may have brought you to therapy.

This may be about dealing with a particular issue which is causing you distress, for example anxiety, depression, an eating disorder, relationship or family problems. Equally, it may be about making lifestyle or relationship changes, finding a more comfortable way of being with yourself or simply a desire for further self understanding.

Therapy can be short or long term, lasting for just a few sessions or taking place over many months, depending on your individual needs.

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